1. Purpose of the Scholarship:

Support the training, research and observation activities which will contribute in the professional development in centers outside Turkey of physicians, biologists, embryologists, nurses and psychologists working in the field of reproductive health and infertility.

2. Amount of Scholarship:

The total amount of scholarship to be given every year shall be determined in the final board of directors meeting of the previous year by the board of directors.

The amount of scholarship to be given to each scholarship holder shall be limited to the fare of economy class flight and a daily allowance of 35 Euros for the period to be used in the center.  The total amount of annual scholarship given to each scholarship holder regardless of the period of visit is limited to 4000 Euros.

If the training activity applied for receiving the scholarship does not require abroad travel, the total amount of scholarship is limited to 4000 Euros.

3. Conditions and way of application:

A- Persons in the following professional groups working in the field of reproductive health and infertility may apply for scholarship.

  1. Gynecology Specialist
  2. Histology and Embryology Specialist
  3. Biologist holding Certificate of Embryology Laboratory Manager
  4. Nurse
  5. Clinical psychologists

Whether the condition of “working in the field of reproductive health and infertility” is met shall be decided by the TSRM Scholarship Board as a result of examination of the CV of the candidate and his/her references.

B- Persons meeting the first article should submit the following documents to TSRM Scholarship Board at least 3 months in advance of the date of start of the program planned.  Applications submitted less than 3 months before the planned date of start may not be taken into evaluation by the scholarship board.  Applications shall be made online from TSRM website.

  1. CV covering in a detailed manner the personal information, contact information, educational status, academic activities and work experience.
  2. Name, title and contact information of minimum three references, preferably from the teachers and directors of the candidates. The scholarship board is free to whether use the references submitted by the candidate and to consult people other than these ones.
  3. A letter of intent explaining how the program applied for scholarship will contribute in the development of the candidate.
  4. Letter of acceptance from the program/ center applied for scholarship.

4. Evaluation of the Applications:

After examining the application and verifying the compliance with the requirements, TSRM scholarship board shall bring the application to the agenda of the first board of directors meeting.  The application shall be resolved in the first board of directors in which it is discussed as part of the agenda, and notified to the candidate by the Scholarship Board within 90 days following the date of first application.  In case that the scholarship application is not accepted, TSRM is not obliged to notify the reason for rejection to the candidate or any third party.

5. Persons who receive scholarship are obliged to report that they fully participated in the program with a letter to be received from the clinic/ center visited within 45 days following the completion of the training program received,  and report to TRM Scholarship Board a letter explaining the contributions brought by the participation in the program in the professional development of the person  In case that these conditions are not fulfilled, TSRM reserves the right to claim the scholarship amount back with legal interest.

APPLICATION ADDRESS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.