Prof Dr Ahmet Zeki Işık

Dear colleagues and specialists working in the field of reproductive medicine,

Turkish Society of Reproductive Medicine (TSRM) was founded in 2003 and has been serving as the major society in this subspeciality in Turkey till today.

Since that time TSRM has conducted 8 national congresses with international participations and the 9 th Congress is scheduled on November 10-14, 2020 in Antalya.

Also TSRM performed more than 30 local symposia on nationwide scale. More than 100 webinars has been held and loaded to web site for continuous education program besides several hands on training courses and live surgeries nationally and internationally have been performed.

Guidelines, information booklets both for professionals and patients have been published and distributed during these 18 years period. In addition to these activities every year TSRM gives scholarships to the promising scientists and scientific researchs for international education and contributions.

TSRM has an electronic bulletin named Blast a bimonthly scientific journal.

TSRM is also a member of IFFS.

As the leading society we are inviting you to our Congress with substantial international scientific contribution and there will be all time simultaneous English translation during the program. The venue is located in a well known holiday area in the heart of Mediterranean.

For further information and correspondence please find our communication details below.

Kindest regards.

Ahmet Zeki Isik, M.D. , Prof. Ob/Gyn